The NeuroFiction event is your chance to let your creative juices flow and flaunt your writing skills. This event allows you to blend your love for the field of neuroscience with your passion for words and to dive deep into the beauty of neuroscience. Don't be contained by what's right and what's not. Let your perception do the talking.


  • The piece of writing could be poetry, prose, stories, anecdotes, or any other form of creative writing you can think of to channelize your love for neuroscience.

  • The creative writing pieces should pertain to the fields of Neuroscience and its allied disciplines.

  • ​The word limit for the pieces is 500 words for poetry and 1000 words for other forms of long creative writing formats.

  • ​While submitting your entries, please write a short 50-100 word description for your piece, describing what neuroscientific concepts, the piece pertains too.

  • ​You can submit your entries via Google Forms using the link below by 15 November,2020

  • ​We are restricting to one submission per individual.

  • ​Winners will be declared on the 29th of November (the last day of the conference). 

Judge: Vanshika Singh, IndiaBioscience, India

Submission Closed