Anyone acquainted with neuroscience knows that there is a significant aesthetic aspect to our field. For example, while Cajal’s drawings were groundbreaking in his time, one reason we still celebrate them is their enduring aesthetic value. We want to celebrate that very aspect of our field with this contest- by inviting submissions of visuals that cherish the aesthetic beauty of neuroscience. 



  • The entries could be individual art pieces- paintings, drawings, digital art, illustrations, comic strips, or artefacts of daily neuroscience research- microscopy images, plots of models, or anything in between. 

  • Any processing/modification done on the original images (especially on microscopy images and radiological scans) is admissible, but should explicitly be mentioned.

  • ​Please upload an image with a short caption describing the image (250 characters). 

  • ​You may send high resolution images, of your creations, by uploading it on the drive

  • ​We are restricting to one submission per individual.

  • ​You can submit your entries via Google Forms using the link below by 15 November,2020

  • ​Winners will be declared on the 29th of November (the last day of the conference).

Judge: Ipsa Jain, inStem, Bangalore, India

Submission Closed